Saturday, December 9, 2006

Battle Lines Being Drawn?

In the latest development of UGC in online and broadcasting, 4 major networks have come together to try and take on Google/YouTube. Reportedly, News Corp/FOX, CBS, NBC and Viacom are in talks to start an online site "to cash in on the fast-growing market of Web video advertising." Apparently Disney/ABC is abstaining from the talks to concentrate on their own brand. This unprecedented announcement only further displays that major Hollywood M&E's are panicking about the prospects of losing their viewers to cyberspace.

This aslo raises a lot of question's around what is actually driving the traffic and ratings in today's entertainment. Is Google/YouTube's success really about sharing video in a user-centric experience, or is it Hollywood's pirated content that is driving the masses to log on to the controversial site? Another question is whether grassroots vloggers would even use a mainstream hub, made by major networks, to post their videos on.

All this leads me back to the topic of "experience". What content is available on your site comes second to the actual experience your users have (from filling out account information to submitting personal videos to ordering A-list movies) when it comes to generating traffic. In today's information age, people want the ultimate choice combined with immediate access, regardless of price, content or technology.

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