Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More UGC in Broadcast

In another twist to online submissions for television broadcasts, Comcast's Ziddio site is collecting tapes "for proposed TV series to Ziddio" where the winner's show will be produced by Endemol, producer of many of today's reality shows. It seems Comcast and Endemol are joining the ranks of wanting to cash in on "people's urge to show off their talent by starring in their own videos".

Although Comcast is a major cable operator and Endemol is the name brand behind the reality-based television boom, how long will the major M&E's survive in this rapid democratization of UGC? After a while one must ask if these outlets will really exist in the next 5 years. Will television one day just become a PC in a living room where a tech company like Google owns the channel?

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